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Thursday, 20 October 2022


Here's the original seminal paper that Andreas Wiegend (ex Stanford, market genius and inventor of Prediction Markets and The BRIC Bank, Chief Scientist Emeritus of and inventor of recommender systems) directed and promoted this paper. It's based on proper West Coast Silicon Valley AI, with a quality discussion about a number of related techologies and market related effects that impact recommender systems.

Andreas is smart, I hope to cross paths with him again soon. If anyone know where he is at the moment, please direct him my way -- I've got plenty to talk about, the strategy for me to replace Daphne has been screwed up by the US govt directing Canberra to park and harass me starting 24-JAN-2012, thanks to a mini-paper someone from RMIT sent to bloody Professor Neapolitan. CIA searched Neapolitans office and found my mini paper and hey presto, all that work of studying at Stanford undera nom-de-plum (you're not cool if you're studying at Stanford under a real name, eg, Steve Jobs used an alias).

We worked so hard to make me the replacement for when Daphne retires, the person that will write Volume II of the PGMs book, another 1000 page master piece. And oh boy do I have some material ready for it. It's breathtaking, but I'm not what I was when stanford trained me. The trauma I've had to experience has dented my capabilities, I'm still a 5%-er, but I'm no longer a Daphne.

No worry, I'm still in the top 100 theoretical computer scientists and one of only a few 'Neats', but I was top 10-20.

Fuck you Canberra for not defending Australians. I deserve 5 AOs and at least 3 military awards by now, every year I save or generate at least 1BN in GDP by sending Canberra think-tank styled recommendations, and I never get a thanks.

Everyone of those senior Computer Scientists from Silicon Valley emailing me about how Australia is a human rights monster, it's not us -- The NSA, CIA, and US NSC are exerting alot of exective power down here. We need help guys, SOS.

And does anyone know if the Biden Corpus Mentus plan is still a go? I need to talk to Ms CR on a secure line about setting up a meeting with Ms Kennedy to pre-brief her on the diplomatic issues America has caused in Australia and to have some top secret conversations about a few shared international security matters. Ms Kennedy needs to be pre-briefed with the top 20 problem list, suggestions for inducements, Austrlaian cultural considerations, possible positive directions that the conversation can be directed to that benefits both countries and creates a series of mini-AUKUS styled treaties designed to improve APAC, Australian-US business relations and the importance of the USA not being seen to drive these initiatives. Also a cultural background of the "Asian Hierarchy" and the 1000 year argument Taiwan and China have been having and how important it is they stay out of it and our region. Things like that, delivered frankly by someone trained to talk to diplomats.

I was trained to run concrete plants, be a mafia boss one day with my Italian Connections (Mick Gatto is my uncle and I'm supposed to be sitting in a Don seat atm but I've chosen CS).I can operate a union like the Waterside Workers Union (Jimmy Beggs AO has spent many hours with me, so have others), run a big BBDO business (had Clemenger mentors), and I went to Brighton Grammar School. I've held audiences with billionaire powerful luminaries, dignitaries and elite toorak families for years, the amount of times I've fixed fuding Kids/Parents in Toorak with 'Toorak Syndrome' is countless. I can handle myself, and I have a wardrobe of $10K suits from Hugo, Hardy, etc that will out-do anyone on the hill in Canberra.

In short, I got this.

Someone please get me in touch with Andreas (re: Global Cyber Security) and Ms CS (re: the Biden Corpus Mentus issue)

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