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Some crazy goose in 2022, bang out of nowhere emails me in cleartext from, claiming to be the founder of a successful startup. Fine, except, he puts in the subject line a phrase that shocked me and that I haven't heard in a long time: words that refer to a secret project that only exists in a government operated document management system.

He also contradicted himself, which was the big give-away. What is he doing poking around in THERE is my question. Those words have not been said in almost 20 years, so it's very odd. And why so evasive at answering ANY of my questions, despite several emails?

The relevant federal agency took no interest, which is a weak response. Normally I would keep these things to myself, but he didn't follow the rules in my PGP guidelines, ie, he is clearly a black-hat, is up to no good and is playing games. Which is not the behaviour of someone that is authorised to access THAT system. The usual protocol would be a more direct telephone call, this was just some hax0r trying to waste my time and social engineer information out of me.

So, who is and what does he want? If anyone knows please drop me a line. And please use PGP.

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